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Meet the Team:


Two hot rodders 1800 miles apart combining their passion for performance machines and industrial backgrounds to create a new kind of distillery equipment.

Never sacrificing performance for tradition, these are machines for businesses that appreciate power, scalability, and unmatched quality. Every machine is measured, cut, welded, and delivered by hand, by us.

                             Matt McCann  |  Owner & Founder

                             Brody Hackman  |  Lead Fabricator

Meet the Machine:


With a Hot Rod you will heat up to running temp in 5 minutes (not the hour that a pot takes), you can produce 2000 proof gallons in an 8 hour shift, and lose 0% of spirit along the way. For distilleries that want to produce custom spirits with a machine that will always keep up with their growing business, there is no better fit than the Detroit Stillworks Hot Rod.

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Detroit Stillworks Owner and Hot Rod
Detroit Stillworks | Bringing Performance to Distillation